TSCW Stands with #ShutDownSTEM
June 09, 2020

A message from TSCW’s Executive Director, Marc Alessi:

On Wednesday, June 10, TSCW will participate in the #ShutDownSTEM movement to demonstrate our commitment to diversity, racial justice, and equality. This movement is a call to action in support of those who have been impacted by social injustice, prejudice, and discrimination.

We will pause tomorrow from our usual responsibilities to focus on reviewing our diversity and inclusion policies and procedures at TSCW to ensure that they are inclusive, unbiased, and reflective of our deep commitment to equality. We will also take this moment to show our solidarity for #ShutDownSTEM in support of the many individuals who do not have equal access to education and opportunity due to race. Our mission and vision at TSCW are founded on a dedication to the betterment of humanity–all of humanity. In this spirit and in support of racial equality and justice, we are proud to honor #ShutDownSTEM on June 10 and do our part.

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