BREAKING NEWS: Workers make discovery during restoration of Tesla's lab chimney
Critical renovations at Wardenclyffe resumed this week in accordance with safe-distancing guidelines. On Friday June 5, our expert restoration crew came upon an interesting feature built into the chimney: an arched brick opening in the base. We are working quickly to explore further, as the chimney is in a critical state and restoration work must continue.

The opening was found at the base of the eastern chimney wall.  We are getting ready to explore the space and will use Tesla technology to help determine its purpose.  Experts in historic architecture and archaeology are teaming up with all of us to solve the mystery.

UPDATES:  New photos, videos, and materials will be posted on this page so you can follow the story.

New photos of discovery in Tesla's chimney, intriguing new perspective on Tesla, update on the Wardenclyffe project, and more can be found in this "Portal to Wardenclyffe" video. Watch TSCW's presentation from the July 2020 HOPE Conference, packed with details, visuals, and provocative discussion.
Removal of Chimney Wellhead
Watch as Tesla's 5,000-pound chimney wellhead is removed in preparation for current renovations.
Renovation Highlights
The world saved Wardenclyffe. Now it's time to build.

Nikola Tesla is one of history’s most influential inventors, yet his only laboratory was in danger of demolition until the world united in 2012 for a record-breaking crowdfund that raised $1.4 million in six weeks from 33,000 donors. All 50 US states and 108 countries were represented in this pivotal movement. Since then, we persevered with supporters to aquire the required plans, permits, and opertions and restoration of Tesla's historic lab began in 2020. Some of the world's foremost technologists, educators, and STEAM advocates are actively involved in having an impact on humanity through TSCW. We invite you to join us.

TSCW is now strategically positioned to begin Phase I of building a global science center with 3 key areas of impact on humanity:

Nikola Tesla Museum

Within the historic walls of Tesla’s laboratory, visitors will explore radically innovative and awe-inspiring exhibits. An interactive recreation of Tesla’s lab will illuminate the story of his world-changing inventions and how they impact humanity today and tomorrow. Futuristic technology will create an immersive experience that brings each person into the narrative to explore their own dreams and potential.


Technologists and entrepreneurs who transform the world through business are collaborating with us to build an accelerator of the future. A bold plan is moving forward to develop critical resources and funding for start-ups and entrepreneurs who are on the leading edge of technological advancement. Tools to achieve exponential business growth, mentorship programs with thought leaders, workspace, events, and other resources will be offered in an ever-evolving and relevant Accelerator Center.

Science Center

TSCW is establishing an international science center dedicated to transformational learning and research. Global leaders in education and research are joining us to develop programs that go beyond standard STEAM to offer accelerated learning and transformative results. Educators, students, and researchers will have a virtual and physical space to converge for talks, experiential workshops, conferences, and events. Technology and innovation will continuously drive new levels of education, opportunity, and growth.

TSCW is a $20 million project:

$15 million is earmarked for the construction necessary to open the buildings to the public and $5 million to launch exhibits and programming. We raised almost $12 million to date. Our goal is to raise $10 million more to ensure enough funding to open Tesla's historic lab as a world class museum with exhibits for an international public. You can help. Please consider donating or becoming a TSCW Sponsor.