Phase I of Tesla's Lab Rehab is now underway!
History is being made at Wardenclyffe as we take the next steps to transform Tesla's only lab on earth into a museum like no other. 

Over 33,000 people from across the globe united in a 2012 crowdfund to raise the funds needed to purchase Wardenclyffe and save it from demolition. Since then, TSCW and our supporters have persevered to acquire permits and approvals, develop site plans and operations, and do whatever it takes to move the project forward. We raised almost $10 million of our $20 million goal, enabling us to begin restoring Tesla’s last standing laboratory into a museum and global science center.  Your support is needed to sustain renovations and reach our goal.  Here are ways you can help.

Phase 1 Lab Rehab
Watch as Tesla's 5,000-pound chimney wellhead is removed in preparation for current renovations.
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The world saved Wardenclyffe. Now it's time to build.

Nikola Tesla is one of history’s most influential inventors, yet his only laboratory was in danger of demolition until our nonprofit held a record-breaking crowdfund in 2012 that raised $1.4 million in six weeks from 33,000 donors. All 50 states in the US and 108 countries were represented in that pivotal crowdfund. A key part of this growing crowd is from the tech community, and some of today’s leaders in tech innovation are involved as benefactors or advisors. In 2020 we’re opening a Visitor Center with creatively designed exhibit, education, and administrative space. We filed site plans for the entire 16-acre campus and major renovations are set to begin once the plan is approved at the local government level.

TSCW is now strategically positioned to begin Phase I of building a global science center with 3 key components:

Nikola Tesla Museum

Tesla's laboratory is being historically renovated into an innovative exhibit space that illuminates the continuing relevance and impact of his work. Tesla's original workshop will come to life through immersive exhibits and visitors will explore his groundbreaking experiments through interactive displays.


Venture capitalists, innovators, and tech entrepreneurs from around the world support the construction of an accelerator and/or incubator at TSCW. A virtual network of global incubators will convene under the Tesla brand to propel start-ups to success. An accelerator program that includes temporary workspace, top entrepreneurial mentors, global visibility, funding, and other support for researchers, innovators, and scientists will provide opportunity for developing the world's most advanced technologies in energy, wireless, healthcare, electronics, etc.

Science Center

TSCW is building a large, futuristic structure onsite that will be a center of educational excellence on par with the world's most influential academic institutions. We currently collaborate with universities and educators to offer STEAM programs based on experiential learning. Virtual and online education is being expanded. Our science center will offer researchers, scientists, and innovators from diverse fields a tech-advanced environment for talks, conferences, and interactive discussions. Unique Maker Spaces will be a training ground for practical technology skills.

TSCW is a $20 million project:

$15 million is earmarked for the construction necessary to open the buildings to the public and $5 million to launch exhibits and programming. We raised over $10 million to date. Our goal is to raise $10 million more to ensure enough funding to open Tesla's historic lab as a world class museum with exhibits for an international public. You can help. Please consider donating or becoming a TSCW Sponsor.