Manhattan to Shoreham, NY
Tesla “Ultra-Run” from NYC to Wardenclyffe
January 9-10

On Wednesday and Thursday,  ultra-runner Todd Aydelotte will be travelling 70+ miles from Manhattan to Tesla Science Center on Long Island—but he’ll running the roads instead of riding the rails.

Todd has developed an innovative approach to ultra-running, blending his love for endurance training with his deep interest in NYC history. He has completed a number of “historical ultra-runs,” including The Teddy Roosevelt, a 49-mile run tracing Roosevelt’s homes and achievements in NYC and Long Island and The PT Barnum, a 64.5-mile run tracing the history of Barnum in NYC and Connecticut.

On January 9th and 10th, 2019, Todd will take on The Nikola Tesla, a 70-mile run from NYC to Shoreham, Long Island, tracing Tesla’s extraordinary achievements as an inventor and electrical visionary.

Follow Todd’s journey along some of Tesla’s famed historic hot spots. Check for video on his NYC stops and follow along on Instagram as he travels across Long Island all the way to Wardenclyffe.

The Tesla run will cover several key sites, including:

  • The former site of Columbia College on 45th Street, where Tesla gave three historic lectures and demonstrations
  • The former site of the Gerlach Hotel, where Tesla once lived and tested his transmission equipment on the roof
  • The New Yorker Hotel, where Tesla lived for the last decade of his life
  • The Waldorf Astoria, where Tesla lived for many years at the height of the gilded age
  • Edison Machine Works, where Tesla briefly worked before striking out on his own
  • Delmonico’s, the famed NYC eatery where Tesla often wined and dined potential investors
  • The former site of Tesla’s famous lab on South Fifth Avenue, where Mark Twain visited to see experiments
  • The Tesla Science Center in Shoreham, former site of the famous “Tesla Tower” and of Wardenclyffe, Tesla’s last surviving laboratory

Tesla fans and history buffs can track Aydelotte’s course in real time on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by following the hashtag #TeslaUltraRun. Wardenclyffe will be open to the public half an hour before and after Aydelotte’s arrival; estimated times will be announced on social media throughout the day.

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