Advisors & Collaborators

Teslas of Today

Global influencers contribute their remarkable experience and insight to help shape the present and future at TSCW.
Our Advisors, Collaborators, and Investors are world leaders in technology, STEAM innovators, education advocates, Tesla enthusiasts, supporters of history and culture, and much more.


Vint Cerf

Father of the Internet

Peter Klein

The Claire Friedlander Foundation

Dragana Djermanovic

Digital Transformation Expert, Keynote Speaker

Gregory Olsen

Entrepreneur, Astronaut

Eugene Sayan

Softheon Founder & CEO, Advocate for STEAM Education

Dusan Stojanovic

True Global Ventures

Richard Moxley

Moxley Family Foundation


Elon Musk

Tesla Inc., Musk Foundation

Matthew Inman

Webcomic, Internet Innovator

Novak Djokovic

Tennis Champion, Philanthropist, Advocate for STEAM Education

Adam Conover

Adam Ruins Everything

Joseph Sikorski

Director, Tower to the People

Nikola Lonchar

President, Tesla Science Foundation

Tesla the Band

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